Providing solutions:
for where you work
for where you play
for where you live.

Locally owned and operated in Quispamsis, NB.

Serving the greater Saint John, NB and surrounding areas.

  • Specializing in Professional Disinfectant Fogging Services:
    • Fogging Applications:  Indoor, Outdoor, Recreational Spaces & Equipment
      • Indoor Spaces:
        • Daycares
        • Retail & Business
        • Residential Homes
        • Apartment Units & Condos
        • Auto, RV, Vehicle Fleets
        • Schools
        • Offices
        • Residential & Commercial Properties
        • and more…
      • Outdoor, Recreational Spaces & Equipment
        • Playgrounds
        • Parks
        • Gazebos & Decks
        • Patio Areas
        • and more…
    • Fogging with our specialized Solution
      • Removes foul odours at gyms, school locker rooms, garbage rooms, stairwells, kennels, daycares, hospitals, restaurants, homes, offices, retail spaces, autos, RVs, fleet vehicles, etc
      • Water Soluble & Environmentally safe
      • Biodegradable Organic Ingredients
      • Eliminates bad odors at the source
      • Purifies the air you breathe
      • Hospital Grade Disinfectant solution which has ingredients on Service Canada’s Covid-19 list
      • Ingredients exceed Service Canada’s requirements for virucides
      • Has Virucide, Algaecide,  Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal, and Anti-Microbial agents
      • Removes most airborne allergens
      • Kills Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, and Mildew
      • Includes a Mildewstat which Inhibits future growth of Mildew
      • Non-Combustable
      • Neutral PH
      • Non-hazardous by WHMIS criteria
  • Tree Trimming & Removal
    • Removal and trimming of small to medium sized trees
  • Infrared Thermography
    • See beyond the naked eye using Infrared camera

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